Character is often defined as who you are when no one is looking. It means purposefully pursuing the elements that will help you grow regardless of whether they get immediate attention. It is experiencing God’s best developed in us. 

Published by Gunnel

I am a self taught artist, born with a gift of many colors. I do come from a large Artistic Family. On my fathers side, LENNART SEGERSTRÅLE, A LEGENDARY well known artist for his Altar Paintings and Frescoes in Churches and Government Buildings throughout Finland.I am especially interested in nature, sharing the beauty and tranquility, but also the raw power of the sea in action. Seascape paintings of Australian beaches and Noosa are my favorite subjects.As an artist living in Noosa Queensland, Australia, I am constantly inspired to paint the beautiful surroundings and has had several successful solo art exhibitions.Caloundra Art Exhibition 1998-2004Blue Dolphin Gallery 2002Registered in France with Artprice.comSolo Exhibitions.Noosa Library 2001Noosa Cinema Cafe` 2002Noosa Library 2004Noosa Regional Gallery 2005Noosa Library 2006-2007.

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