Miracles Galore

Supernatural mighty miracles as experienced, when you put your trust in God. For A must read book for the people seeking an answer to life.


If I refuse to give thanks, for the miracles I’ve experienced, the flowers in the fields will droop their heads and the birds will stop singing.


A specially chosen child I am. Come with me, and I will show you true stories from the past to the present. What God can do when you put your trust in him.

I have so many times been asked to put theses miracles in print and you will rejoice with me, that the times of miracles are not only past tense, but also present.

I was totally blind, now I can see. He has healed me so many times. He has healed my children. My horse was deemed to be shot, because of an incurable disease, but God performed a mighty miracle on him. I will also share in this book, how he has healed my cow, my dog and finally, God has done so much for me, he can do the same for you my reader, because to Him we are all very special.

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