True Stories

From “Stilettos” to “Gumboots”

True stories is an Autobiography of a few selected parts of my life, starting from the second world war, up to the present day. right through the colorful 20 years spent hobby farming as well as professional farming working for the Queensland Department of Primary Industries both Herd Recording as well as a Professional Inseminator for the same department. 



From “Stilettos” to “Gumboots”

This book has been dedicated to ROSY, TOFFEE, DAISIE, KANEl, LUCY 2, and to ALL OF YOU!


This book is the true happenings in every sense of the word. After spending most of my  years in high heel shoes in the slick city life, then ending up on the farm in “gumboots”, with no farm experience, you’ve got to be joking.

Every chapter is packed with actions, of victory over the most adverse situations, stories that will make you cry and laugh.

A book you will be glad to come across.

The cost of this book is AUD$ 15.00  





1. Raw Facts
2. Show Time
3. Born on the Wrong Side of the Fence
4. Mitts the Dancing Cow
5. A Cow will Never Forget
6. Communicating with Animals
7. Life Starts in Earnest
8. The Bus Run
9. Mud and more Mud
10. The Zoo
11. Incredible but True
12. Cleopatra Arrives 
13. My Little Helper
14. Ghosts In the Church
15. The Ultimate Job
16. He that Overcomes Will Stand
17. Rain, Mud and Fog
18. We are Moving 
19. Home sweet Home
20 .Explosion
21. Goodbye
22. The Strangers 



Copyright © Gunnel Karel

Internationally Reserved



The Avdventure of “LA-PALOMA”




This is a hilarious true story of living andsurviving on a boat for many months.

 Meeting and sharing with the “Grey Army” on theseas of Queensland, Australia. To share the experiencewith an ever increasing number with retirees packing up and with many of same,having no previous experience of sailing, diving head on, buying a boat andtaking off on the ocean, weathering storms, wind and the glorious freedom to beaway from it all, without any hesitation whatsoever. A book with a few tips upyour sleeve.

This story can be purchased through the secure PayPalsystem below. After purchase I will send you the story by email in a printabledocument format that you can simply save to your computer to read or print.

The price of the book isAUD15.00  



Copyright © Gunnel Karel

Internationally Reserved.







If I refuse to give thanks, for the miracles I’ve experienced, theflowers in the fields will droop their heads and the birds will stop singing.




Aspecially chosen child I am. Come with me, and I will show you true storiesfrom the past to the present. What God can do when you put your trust in him?

Ihave so many times been asked to put theses miracles in print and you willrejoice with me, that the times of miracles are not only past tense, but alsopresent.

I wastotally blind, now I can see. He has healed me so many times. He has healed mychildren. My horse was deemed to be shot, because of an incurable disease, butGod performed a mighty miracle on him. I will also share in this book, how he hashealed my cow, my dog and finally, God has done so much for me, he can do thesame for you my reader, because to Him we are all very special.

This story can be purchased through the securePayPal system below. After purchase I will send you the story by email in aprintable document format that you can simply save to your computer to read orprint.

CostAUD$ 15.00  




Copyright © Gunnel Karel


Internationally Reserved.




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